Holiday J-Beauty Skincare Gift Guide

This holiday season, a glowing complexion is the gift that keeps on giving
Holiday J-Beauty Skincare Gift Guide

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for our loved ones. While the cold, dry air of winter heralds a time of family gatherings, it can also wreak havoc on our complexion -  which is one of the many reasons why giving the gift of J-Beauty skincare is the perfect choice for everyone on your list, from the seasoned beauty lover to the skincare novices in your life.

We all know that the best gifts are the ones that continue to bring joy long after the holidays are over. So this season, give the gift of radiant complexion and healthy skin. To help you pick out the perfect presents and stocking stuffers, we’ve curated an extra special list of J-Beauty skincare gift sets that are sure to surprise and delight your loved ones well into the new year.


Dassai Facial Mask

Facial masks are a must-have for any stocking stuffer. Our Dassai Facial Mask comes with 5 individually wrapped masks, so you can give out five separate gifts, or bundle them all together for someone who’s face needs a little extra pampering.

Dassai has cultivated its unique ingredients from the renowned craft of sake brewing. Their face mask offers a rich blend of 16 natural amino acids along with a luxurious formula of collagen, vitamin C derivatives, and other skin-loving ingredients that help deliver a smooth, transparent, and youthful-looking complexion.

Dr. Medion Spaoxy Gel Bright Plus

For those looking for a spa-grade mask, our Spaoxy Gel Bright Plus with potent Vitamin C to boost brightening power comes in a pack of 6, perfect for stocking stuffers. Dr. MEDION, the pioneer of carbonic acid beauty skin care, created this carbonated mask that gives pleasant cooling and gentle stimulation from its effervescence.

Formulated with ingredients that hydrate, plump, soothe and help minimize oil production, plus a special blend of Japanese citrus fruit oils: Yuzu, Bitter Orange and Orange that have a sweet, refreshing scent perfect for brightening those dark winter days.

Lala Vie Chiffon Cream

If you’re looking for something beyond face masks, our Lala Vie Chiffon Cream is the perfect petite powerhouse. Small enough to tuck inside a stocking, our award-winning moisturizer is the perfect way for someone to dip their toe into the world of J-Beauty. Recognized and lauded by top Japanese beauty magazines, Lala Vie Chiffon Cream is formulated with natural skin-compatible ceramides and highly-penetrating nanocapsules, which delivers long-lasting moisture.

This highly-moisturizing cream absorbs deeply into the skin, offering hydration for an extended period of time, while leaving the skin cushiony soft. With a scent created exclusively for Lala Vie by top French perfumer Alain Verjus, this cream is a deliciously rich indulgence for those at the top of your “nice” list.

Gifts For Friends

For your skincare loving friends, things can get a little more tricky when it comes to picking out the perfect holiday present. Luckily, we’ve selected three J-Beauty products that will work for everyone, whether they have oily skin or dry skin, and whether or not they want to indulge in a full J-Beauty skincare routine.

Lala Vie Body Milk

This skin-pampering body moisturizer hydrates and tightens thirsty skin with a luxurious dose of naturally-derived ingredients and botanical beauty oils, while leaving skin feeling smooth and refreshed all day long.

With its smooth, easy-to-apply texture, this non-sticky formula can be used all over to tighten skin, while leaving it feeling supple and refreshed. Lala Vie Body Milk has a mild, lightly floral fragrance that is subtle and never overwhelming, and is an ideal gift to keep skin soft and supple all winter long. 

warew Lip Care

Of course in the dry winter months, we not only need to give our skin a little extra pampering, but our lips as well. Combating dry, chapped lips can be an endless battle for some in the winter, so give your friend our warew Lip Care treatment to deliver deep hydration and antioxidant protection for a firmer, more vibrant pout.

Infused with over 99% naturally-derived ingredients, this lip treatment gently moisturizes lips and contours. With antioxidants to protect lips from environmental stressors, and a lifting effect to minimize wrinkles and plump lips, it's a must have skincare gift to keep lips happy for the whole holiday season.

Lala Vie Moisturizing Hand Cream

Hand creams are another gift bag go-to, and our Lala Vie Moisturizing Hand Cream will soon become your new favorite. A rich combination of plant-derived butter and oils, this hand cream melts at body temperature, allowing it to quickly absorb into the skin, offering deep hydration for soft, supple hands. Its gentle scent of botanicals, including tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil, is accented with a gentle citrus scent, soothing both your skin and soul with every application.

Best Trial Sets:

For those extra special people in your life, our trial beauty sets are the ultimate gift, allowing them to experience and indulge in a full J-Beauty routine for several weeks at a fraction of the price.

Lala Vie 7days Trial Set (Moisturizing)

Lala Vie’s 7 day trial set includes three of Lala Vie’s iconic products: Cleansing Balm, Oil in Lotion and Chiffon Cream. Lala Vie’s melting Cleansing Balm gently removes dirt, oil and makeup, leaving behind clean, smooth skin, while locking in essential moisture for healthy skin, and reducing the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness

Follow up after cleansing with Oil in Lotion, which will leave skin looking bright & fresh with youthful elasticity, and finish with Lala Vie’s celebrated Chiffon Cream to protect skin with a veil of moisture that protects it from exterior irritants.

Seiso JBeauty The Experience Kit

Experience Seiso JBeauty's revolutionary collection of ultra-hydrating, restorative formulas in one convenient 2 week trial set. Featuring Seiso’s Fuwafuwa Foaming Cleanser, Pure Ceramide Concentrate, Ceramide Moisture Milk and their Water Velvet Cream, this four-product system helps safeguard skin’s barrier function and improves overall skin health.

The thoughtfully curated collection is designed to cleanse, strengthen, hydrate, and protect the skin barrier with its patented, cutting-edge ceramide technology, advanced formulations, and gentle yet effective products. This trial set offers a quintessential J-beauty experience, for those skincare devotees in your life.

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