What Is A Face Cleansing Balm?

Shiko Beauty’s complete guide to face cleansing balm and why you could benefit from incorporating this J Beauty staple into your skin care routine. 

what is a face cleansing balm

J-Beauty is renowned for innovative, plant-based skincare that has the rare ability to deeply cleanse your skin without the need for harsh exfoliants or harmful chemicals.

Japanese skincare places great importance on using botanical ingredients that effectively promote hydration, and reduce inflammation. One such trending J Beauty product taking the beauty industry by storm is the face cleansing balm.

Gaining popularity in 2019, and now seen as one of the most popular facial cleansers available, cleansing balms are the latest skincare staple for women and men seeking a gentle yet deeply cleansing product that simultaneously cleanses and infuses moisture.

What is a Face Cleansing Balm?

face cleansing balm

Face cleansing balms provide a fool-proof way to rid your skin of impurities while simultaneously providing a range of nourishment benefits. Cleansing balms are oil based cleansers that are thicker than lotion based cleansers and come in a solid, rather than liquid, form.

Is Face Cleansing Balm Good for the Skin?

is face cleansing balm good for the skin

Cleansing balms won’t strip the skin of natural oils, and will remove impurities with ease.

These creamy, ‘melt like butter’ cleansers work with the help of a formulation of natural oils that combine to rid your skin of unwanted buildup. Skin can look smoother, feel more hydrated and softer after just one use. 

Can All Skin Types Use a Face Cleansing Balm?

can all skin types use a face cleansing balm

The fact that cleansing balms can be used on all skin types with equally satisfying results is the main reason why face cleansing balms deserve a place in any skincare routine. 

As with lotion based cleansers, different face cleansing balms are formulated to suit distinctive skin types. Always take note of the product description to ensure you purchase the best cleansing balm for your skin type.

What are the Benefits of Face Cleansing Balms?

what are the benefits of face cleansing balms

There is an extensive range of benefits from the use of a good face cleansing balm, the most notable of which include: 

  • Deep facial cleansing (Removal of stubborn dirt, oil and impurities)
  • Cleansing while still retaining moisture and hydration
  • Thorough make-up removal
  • Removal of dead skin cells
  • Relaxing essential oils
  • Mess-free application

Why does Japan have the Best Face Cleansing Balm?

why does japan have the best face cleansing balm?

J-Beauty has the best face cleansing balm because, quite simply, Japanese skincare is the world’s best.

Japanese skincare companies had to become innovators in the beauty industry before many other countries. The advanced combination of science, natural ingredients and perfected skincare rituals, has made Japanese skincare the global leader.

Dating back to the Edo Period in Japan (1603-1868), lightened skin became the sought after look. However, while previously a range of techniques including heavy lead based makeup, were used to create a “white face” appearance, Japanese women transformed into preferring naturally translucent, glass like complexions instead of covering up with heavy face paints.

Women in Japan started spending a great deal of time refining their appearance by improving their complexions with facial cleansers and face masks made from mineral and plant-based ingredients. The art of skincare was perfected in Japan, and the products and rituals soon made their way into western culture.

Our Choice of Face Cleansing Balms

Consumers now have a variety of choices when it comes to face cleansing balms. However, as with all skincare products, there are dubious creations filled with beeswax, paraffins and oils that may clog pores.

When selecting a cleansing balm, look for:

  • Quality of ingredients
  • Botanical oil rich formula
  • Country of origin
  • Customer reviews
best face cleansing balm

Here at Shiko Beauty, we are your J-Beauty experts, and provide the very best in quality J-Beauty products. Our beauty experts recommend  Lala Vie Cleansing Balm, an award-winning Japanese facial melt and cleanser that clears even the toughest makeup with the help of quality ingredients including baobab oil, argan oil, marula oil and chia seed oils, all at a price point that means there’s no reason not to get onboard with face cleansing balm at last!


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