J-Beauty Skincare Regimen

In this blog, we’ll cover the two main aspects of J-Beauty—the art of the skincare ritual and the importance of simplicity.
J-Beauty Skincare Regimen

After years of enduring lengthy, time-consuming 10+-step skincare regimens, J-Beauty is a breath of fresh air. Whether you’re simply curious about Japanese skincare (or J-Beauty for short), or are looking to streamline your own skincare routine, this article is a great place to start. In this post, we’ll talk about the two most important aspects of J-Beauty, the art of the ritual and simplicity, then we’ll go into each step of the skincare process recommended. We’ll highlight our favorite Shiko Beauty products, which are expertly curated for the best possible results for more youthful looking, glowing skin.

The Ritual

J-Beauty is about self-care, not an obligation, Shiko Beauty expert Hinako Sugioka, Cosmetics Marketing and Product Development notes. A J-Beauty skincare routine is a skincare ritual that makes you feel zen and inspires you to want to do it to stimulate the five senses, she adds. “Japan has the highest life expectancy of any country—Japanese people dedicate their time and soul each day to wellness,” Sugioka explains. The Japanese take tremendous care of their health and lifestyle, as well as their skin. “That’s our holistic approach already embedded in daily life,” she says. 


Shiko Beauty offers a J-Beauty regimen that’s different from U.S.-based beauty brands and also from K-Beauty. It’s approachable beauty that’s “to you from Japan,” says Sugioka. Shiko Beauty offers simple, easy-to-incorporate skincare regimens that involve just a few steps and beautiful, curated products featuring potent ingredients to help your skin look its very best.

Your Recommended J-Beauty Skincare Regimen


The “double cleanse” is a hallmark of Japanese skincare. How does it work? When you double cleanse your skin, you first use a cleansing oil, or balm to remove makeup, dirt, oil and impurities from the skin. What differentiates the double-cleanse method is that it doesn’t involve toner.  The second step is to use a foaming cleanser which provides deeper cleaning that primes the skin for the next steps in the J-Beauty regimen. At Shiko Beauty, we love Lala Vie Cleansing Balm. “It’s an oil-based balm that's a hot pour in a jar and you take a scoop out and you can massage it into your hands and put it on wet skin,” explains Shiko Beauty expert Jim Berkrot, Vice President Marketing Mitsui USA. “It breaks away makeup, along with sebum and grime from the day—you wash it away and it leaves the skin feeling soft and supple and not stripped from its natural oils and has a wonderful scent to it.”


When it comes to J-Beauty, you rehydrate your skin with a light emulsion after cleansing. “Using a light emulsion gets the skin ready to absorb the next products, which are the richer, more potent products. Those will deliver the beneficial active ingredients to give the results that you need on the skin,” says Berkrot. In other words, it’s preparing the skin to take in the more potent “good stuff”. Think of it as applying product to a sponge. If you put your serum and moisturizer right onto a dry sponge, it won’t absorb the ingredients. But if you apply the serum and moisturizer to a damp sponge, the product will absorb much more efficiently. We love Lala Vie Oil In Lotion which replenishes the skin’s oil with clean, skin-compatible lipids, delivering essential moisture. It creates healthy, hydrated, youthful-looking skin.


After you apply your essence, serums are used to address specific skin care concerns.  So, serums are all about problem ➔ solution.  Shiko Beauty has Ishi Clinic Beauty Lab Full App Serum which is formulated as a super-skin brightener.  It uses 2 potent molecules, one is for brightening and is derived from stabilized Vitamin C and the other is a super-antioxidant which contains more than 250x antioxidant power of Vitamin C. 


Moisturizers help lock in moisture by reducing TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss). Shiko Beauty has an excellent moisturizer for this purpose, the Lala Vie Chiffon Cream, which Berkrot describes as a bright white melting butter. Think about taking rich, bright white butter that melts in your hands from your body temperature and it absorbs beautifully after application,” Berkrot explains. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while deeply nourishing and intensely hydrating your skin.


Some nights when your skin needs a little extra TLC, you may want to apply a mask. You can also do this before a special occasion or as a fun way to take care of your skin while you binge watch your favorite Netflix show. For deep hydration and skin brightening, try the Dassai Facial Mask, formulated with Dassai Sake Lee Essence and vitamin C derivatives.

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