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Peat Extract Anti-Aging Benefits

From antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to moisturizing and cleansing, peat extract benefits meet all the hallmarks of anti-aging skincare. Here’s why one of the top J-Beauty brands is rounding out its line with this ancient treasure.
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What is Peat Extract?

Resembling dark soil or clay, peat isn’t necessarily something you would associate with beauty. Even its definition—an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter—doesn’t exactly evoke the sparkling, serene images of self-care and wellness one might expect. However, this humble-looking material contains a wealth of beneficial compounds (aka humic substances) that, once extracted, can positively impact skin health. In fact, peat extract benefits run the gamut of skincare gold standards, including everything from cleansing and moisturizing, to antibacterial properties and more. It’s no wonder that so many of the best Japanese beauty products include peat extract for skin.

Still, not all peat (and, therefore, not all peat extract) is the same. Most of the world’s peat can be categorized into three types: volcanic, marine, or wetland. Geological history, location, and environmental factors affect the properties of peat which ultimately dictate its specific functionality. For example, peat recovery in Canada (the world’s largest exporter of peat) is used exclusively for industrial and agricultural applications. In Japan’s Unzen city, however, there is a unique peat deposit that embodies all the best elements of each type. That’s because at various times throughout history this location has been part of the ocean, a volcano, and a wetland—effectively mixing together all three types of components (including the various minerals and humic substances contained within each) to create a very rare peat that is not found in many other places.

"Ocean, volcano, and lotus pond—this unique geological history has imbued the Unzen peat deposit with distinctive properties, harnessed by Dr. Ishii in his patented Ishii Peat Extract®."

Anti-Aging Benefits in Peat Extract

So what is it about peat that makes it such a rich source of extracts? The answer is: humification. Humification is essentially the creation of humic substances from the breakdown and concentration of organic matter. Because the Unzen area has such a distinct geological history, its peat contains humic matter (think highly concentrated minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients) from marine, volcanic, and wetland environments—in other words, a very rich and diverse mix of humic substances.

While ancient peat extract benefits and healing properties have been known to humans for thousands of years, modern science is just beginning to explore peat extract’s full potential. A recent study showed that humic substances are effective in the support of anti-aging skincare, with humic acid and fulvic acid playing a role in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity, as well as protective UVB absorption. Humic substances also contain essential minerals like zinc and magnesium, which reduce inflammation, improve cellular hydration, and aid in collagen production for firmer, youthful-looking skin.

For J-Beauty brands, whose respect for domestically-grown natural ingredients is fundamental, the one-of-a-kind Unzen peat deposit is an extraordinary treasure. It only makes sense that one of J-Beauty’s pioneers would be the first to bring the bounty of this resource to people around the world. In the early 2000s the site became Dr. Reijiro Ishii’s source for the peat used in his Ishii Peat Extract®, a proprietary solution that he successfully developed into three game-changing anti-aging products within his celebrated THE FINGGY line.

The Origins of THE FINGGY Skincare 

lotus pond where peat extract is found

As Japan’s foremost cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Ishii gained success with his development of THE FINGGY MASK, a prescription-only skincare solution featuring NAKAMURAKIN®️ FERMENT FILTRATE—a powerful ingredient using fermentation to increase the amount of active ingredients and organic acids to rebalance the skin microbiome and maintain optimal hydration. Dr. Ishii’s renown as a leading expert in the study of fungus and fermentation for dermatology connected him with an industrial peat extract developer who encouraged the doctor to explore peat extract’s potential for skincare.

In his research, Dr. Ishii discovered that while marine-originated peat is mineral-rich, its salinity is not conducive for use in skincare. But because the lagoon on the coast near Unzen eventually turned into a wetland over thousands of years, the salinity of the peat there became naturally reduced, making it the perfect mix of minerals and humic substances with a relatively low amount of impurities. Once extracted, this plethora of nourishing compounds could provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, as well as moisturizing and cleansing properties—all potential benefits that mirrored the principles of the anti-aging skincare found in Dr. Ishii’s foundational THE FINGGY products. 

Dr. Ishii’s team took the rare, natural marine-humic peat from beneath the lotus pond and fermented it in a patented, chemical-free process utilizing proprietary technology and equipment. This award-winning process resulted in a highly potent liquid containing a balanced formula of amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, bioactive substances, and minerals. Eight  years after the launch of his groundbreaking THE FINGGY Lotion, Dr. Ishii’s team announced three new products featuring his patented Ishii Peat Extract®️, creating a suite of essential anti-aging solutions: 


THE FINGGY Cleansing Serum

Cleansing Serum with peat extract
Formulated with Ishii Products original and Ishii Peat Extract®️, this cleansing serum removes impurities and trapped sebum, helping to eliminate clogged pores while keeping skin properly hydrated with conditioning ingredients containing natural minerals and organic acids.


THE FINGGY Veil Clear Gel

Veil Clear Gel with peat extract
Three types of fermented skin-conditioning ingredients (including Ishii Peat Extract®️) deliver nutrients deeper into the skin where it is needed most, to provide lasting essential hydration with hyaluronic acid and collagen.


THE FINGGY Moisturizing Water Essence

Moisturizing Water Essence with peat extract
Natural minerals, amino acids, and vitamins—all ingredients derived from Ishii Peat Extract®️—energize the skin and help provide a balanced skin tone and smooth texture.


All three products featuring the Ishii Peat Extract®️ are suited for sensitive, oily, normal, or combination skin types, and are perfectly balanced to provide preventative healing and nourishment for a youthful, healthy appearance.

Reverse Signs of Aging With Our Curated Collection 

While both the Nakamura fungus and Ishii Peat Extract®️ provide essential benefits for skin, their strong chemical connection makes them unsuitable to exist in the same solution. Thankfully, Dr. Ishii’s THE FINGGY lineup was meticulously designed to provide a collection of complementary products that serve as the perfect foundation of anti-aging skincare. To ensure your skin receives the full spectrum of benefits provided by each product, we recommend using them all together as part of your comprehensive Japanese beauty routine

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