How to Choose the Best Skincare Routine For Your Skin Type

Your most effective and sustainable skincare regimen starts with simplicity. Let Shikō Beauty Collective help guide your way.
How to Choose the Best Skincare Routine For Your Skin Type
Thanks to social media, taking excellent care of one’s skin has never been more at the forefront of our global consciousness than it is today. Just searching “skincare” on Google will net you more than 800 million results, while beauty-related content on YouTube generates more than 169 billion views annually. The sheer number of accessible trends, perspectives, and products is overwhelming enough to discourage anybody who might be concerned about their skincare needs. But there’s good news—Shikō Beauty Collective is here to guide you to choosing the best skincare routine for your skin type. The key is simplicity.

J-Beauty Skincare Routine

A classic J-Beauty routine consists of simple, purposeful skincare that nourishes the body and spirit. It doesn't involve dozens of steps or rules, and instead focuses on fundamentals that are easy to adopt as healthy daily habits. A basic two or three-step routine is attainable, no matter how complex your individual skincare needs might seem—it’s simply a matter of locating the best two or three products that give your skin the everyday nourishment it needs to stay happy and healthy. To help make this process as simple as possible, we’ve compiled a list of the most common skin types along with our favorite products to address them. Read on to find your simply perfect skincare routine match.

Dry Skin 

Tightness, itching, redness, cracking—these symptoms are usually indicative of a problem with dry skin. For some people, dry skin is caused by external factors like exposure to extreme weather or environments, and is usually temporary; for others, it can occur more often and be a lifelong condition. Additionally, many people tend to develop dry skin as they get older, due to a naturally occurring lack of water retention. Whatever the cause, dry skin is definitely something that should not be ignored: while the physical manifestations of dry skin can be unpleasant, there is also the danger of cracked skin exposing the epidermis to bacteria which can exacerbate other skin conditions. 


For dry skin, it’s all about striking the right hydration balance. Sticking with an oil-based cleanser will help remove dirt and grime without potentially irritating the outer layer of skin. All subsequent steps should be about hydrating and locking in moisture to help soothe irritation and protect against external drying elements. Products featuring moisturizing active ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid can go a long way toward maintaining that essential hydration. Here’s a simple routine we recommend for dry skin: 


Lala Vie Cleansing Balm 


Lala Vie Oil-in Lotion 


Lala Vie Chiffon Cream 

Oily Skin

Oily skin is caused by excessive oil production in the sebaceous glands, and usually stems from genetic or hormonal factors.  This excess oil can clog pores, which not only makes them seem more pronounced, but can also trigger inflammation and breakouts. 

If you have oily skin, your routine should be all about controlling excess oil production. While it might seem counterintuitive, providing adequate moisture is what helps to keep oil production in check. Start by providing a thorough, gentle cleansing (like with a foaming cleaner) that won’t strip away vital moisture. Follow that with a lightweight lotion to condition skin and a cream to lock in moisture for the rest of the day. Here are our picks: 


warew Washing Foam 


warew Emulsion Aqua 


warew Cream Aqua 

Combination Skin 

When your t-zone is oily, but your cheeks and chin are dry, you’ve got combination skin. This happens because the distribution of oil and sweat glands isn't always consistent across your face. Hormones, environment, and even genetics can all contribute to combination skin. 

Treating combination skin is all about finding a middle ground that is nourishing to all areas. Key to this is restoring skin barrier function (keeping moisture in and impurities out) and  improving skin turnover (the process of creating new skin cells to replace those that are old or damaged). Gentle exfoliation helps to accelerate skin turnover, while a lightweight, balanced formula will prevent irritation and dryness, and provide an appropriate amount of moisture to help keep oil production under control. Here’s a simple three-step routine we suggest: 


THE FINGGY Cleansing Serum 


THE FINGGY Water Essence 


THE FINGGY Veil Clear Gel 

Sensitive Skin 

If your skin feels tight, fragile, or itchy at the slightest change in environment or exposure to normal stimuli, you likely have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is prone to the loss of its protective moisture barrier, making it easier for bacteria and irritants to enter and wreak havoc.  

Sensitive skin needs special care. All of your products should be light, without any harsh chemicals, exfoliants, or fragrances that might otherwise irritate delicate skin. Since restoring the skin’s protective barrier is crucial, be sure that your products are designed to deliver necessary moisture for maintained hydration all day long. 


SEISO JBeauty Fuwafuwa Foaming Cleanser 


SEISO JBeauty Pure Ceramide Concentrate 


SEISO JBeauty Ceramide Moisture Milk 

Make Sure Your Skincare Routine Matches Your Skin Type 

Remember, skincare is self-care—and the best J-Beauty experience revitalizes your skin while also invigorating your senses and satisfying your soul. The key to attaining that balance is adopting a routine that's adaptable to your current needs and simple enough for you to devote a special moment each day to the experience of caring for your skin. No matter what type of skin you have, Shikō has a full lineup of premier Japanese skincare products that help you achieve all of the above. Be sure to check out the links to find your perfect skincare match, or contact us if you need additional guidance toward your ultimate Shikō moment. 

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