warew Bright Lift Drainage Technique

Bright Lift
Drainage Massage

warew Bright Lift Drainage

warew Japanese Beauty Masters recommend to repeat these massages every morning and evening when using warew products: Emulsion, Cream, Serum and Eye Cream.

Use your fingertips and palms and follow the arrows, gently pressing and circling in the areas marked by red dots.

Alleviate dullness around the eyes

This massage gently improves the circulation in the lymph nodes reducing fluids retention, while stimulating the acupuncture points around the eyes. The eye area will show a bright and healthy complexion without signs of fatigue.

Alleviate swelling and sagging

This massage releases face muscles tension improving the circulation in the lymph nodes and draining away waste and toxins. 
The skin will feel refreshed, firm and elastic. 

Reshape the facial contour

This massage drains away waste and toxins by stimulating the fluids flowing from the tip of the chin, rich in lymph nodes, toward the ears and down, along the neck, to the collarbones. Your contour will look reshaped, firm and defined.

Reshape the décolleté

This massage improves the circulation in the lymph nodes on the collarbones. The décolleté area will look bright and reshaped.

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