warew: the Essence of Japanese Skincare

What makes a truly exceptional Japanese beauty brand?
warew skincare products

The Quintessential J-Beauty Brand

What makes a truly exceptional Japanese beauty brand? Certainly, a focus on natural ingredients is one important feature. A dedication to Japanese aesthetics and culture is another. Embracing innovation, honing the art of one’s craft, taking a mindful and holistic approach to self-care—these are all significant J-Beauty brand attributes as well. And while most J-Beauty brands have some combination of these essential ideals, there is one brand Shikō Beauty Collective considers as the quintessential J-Beauty brand—one that perfectly embodies all Japanese beauty ideals, not only within the culture or industry, but as a reflection of Shikō’s own ethos. That brand is warew.
warew J-beauty brand

warew Inspiration

In the wake of the devastation of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, warew’s founders were inspired to create a skincare brand that uplifted and showcased Japan’s natural and cultural bounty. In addition to being 100% made in Japan, warew acknowledges that Japan’s many resources (both natural and cultural) provide the settings and inspirations for truly effective self-care.

This passionate devotion to Japan’s legacy is why all of warew’s products have been developed with the highest commitment to everything that makes J-Beauty powerful and unique: Japanese aesthetics, ingredients, technology, self-care methods, and craftsmanship. It may be rare for all of these elements to be so characteristic of one single brand, but that’s what makes warew special—and it’s how they are able to build the best of J-Beauty into everything they do:  

warew Japanese beauty products

Japanese Aesthetics  

Every detail of warew’s brand is a celebration of the concept of wabi-sabi, or wisdom in the natural simplicity of Japanese culture and imperfect, impermanent beauty. Their bottles, for example, feature the silhouette of a shiromuku (Japanese traditional wedding kimono), embodying the grace of a traditional Japanese bride; their logo suggests the shape of a traditional Japanese hand mirror and the rising sun on Japan’s flag; and their brand colors denote purity, simplicity, and natural radiance. 

warew's philosophy is that beauty can be achieved from the inside out through design, and that mindfulness is a fundamental part of everything they do, from concept development and packaging, to the sourcing and processing of their ingredients.  

warew plum garden

Japanese Ingredients  

Each formulation in the warew line has been meticulously handcrafted using the finest ingredients, more than 95% of which are naturally-derived, and over 90% of which are domestically sourced. In fact, warew started their own plum garden in an effort to maximize the quality and availability of their most essential ingredients.

Their base formula features water from the Beppu onsen (hot spring) and distilled water extracted from carefully-selected and Organic JAS certified umeboshi (domestic plums). This combination of waters imparts both therapeutic and curative benefits along with a refreshing, light fragrance to all warew products.  

sakura tree

Japanese Technology  

Each product also includes warew’s patented Cell Viable Complex, a potent combination of natural extracts from sakura (Japanese cherry tree) bark, ume (Japanese plum) root, honoki (Japanese Magnolia) bark, and akamatsu (Japanese Red Pine) leaf—all of which have been prized for centuries for their ability to revitalize skin. 

warew combines their Cell Viable Complex with essential oils and other key ingredients to create formulas with maximum restorative and nutritive benefits, luxurious textures, and invigorating fragrances—ensuring that they deliver a holistic self-care experience with every application.  

warew Bright Light Drainage technique

Japanese Self-Care  

Using techniques passed down from generations, warew has perfected the ultimate method for improving the look and resilience of skin around the eyes, face, and neck.

The Bright Lift Drainage Method combines the application of warew’s nourishing products with targeted massage that drains the lymph nodes to combat puffy, dull skin. warew’s original methods can help alleviate dullness around the eyes, ease facial swelling and sagging, improve facial contour, and even enhance the look of collarbones. These simple-yet-effective methods provide a soothing, calm way to prioritize self-care that nourishes both body and mind.  

Japanese Craftsmanship  

The result of warew’s dedication is a comprehensive lineup of high quality Japanese skincare formulas that effectively pair centuries-old wisdom about natural ingredients and aesthetics with modern innovation. In true craftsman style, these formulas are manufactured, finished, and quality checked by human hands and eyes to ensure only the best products make their way to consumers. 

warew uses this artisanal expertise, along with their roots in onsen cure culture, to provide the ultimate in natural wellness and self-care through their products. It’s no surprise, then, that their line features everything you need for your skincare ritual from start to finish.

Shikō is proud to be one of the first to bring warew to the US market. We know that warew's brand and products are representative of the premier J-Beauty skincare line—and we can't wait for you to try them. To get a comprehensive look at all of warew’s amazing self-care innovations, view their full lineup, or contact us for personalized recommendations.  

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