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Why Should I Cleanse My Face?

Cleansing is always the first and most important step for J-Beauty skincare. Find out why in this post. 
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The Double Cleanse Method for a Clean Face

We expect a lot from our faces. They express how we’re thinking or feeling; they are our most visible unique characteristic; they are often our first impression to the world; and yet they’re the part of us that is almost always exposed and vulnerable. It’s no wonder that most self-care regimens are centered around providing the greatest care for that most outward, dynamic aspect of the self: the face. Japanese skincare is no different.

While J-Beauty is built upon simple rituals with very few steps, one element of skincare is so important that two steps are often devoted to it. The “double cleansing” method is a signature of Japanese skincare, and is a two-step face cleansing method upheld as the ultimate way to achieve pure skin. The question we often get is, 'Is double cleansing necessary?" Our answer is yes! The typical first step—such as oil-based cleansing—is used to remove makeup using a product designed for that purpose; the second step deep cleans the face and primes it for the next steps in your routine. And while double cleansing isn’t always necessary (some products like Lala Vie Cleansing Balm provide effective makeup removal  and deep cleansing in one convenient solution), having a clean face is always the most important first step to any J-Beauty skincare routine.

 Why Double Cleansing Is Important

  • Renewing your skin 
  • Balance moistures 
  • Nourish the skin 



Our faces are usually the only thing we don’t cover up with clothes, so they’re constantly exposed to the worst parts of everyday life: dirt, pollution, bacteria, weather extremes, and more. If you wear makeup, that’s another layer that can trap grime. Cleansing is essential for removing any impurities and restoring your face to its most natural state—which is where it needs to be for optimal penetration before you proceed to the next steps of your skincare routine. If your skin is not clean, using products or makeup over it can cause enlarged or clogged pores and create a blockage of skin follicles that traps sebum and allows bacteria to penetrate the skin. This can lead to inflammation and acne—the opposite of healthy skin. 


Regular facial cleansing is also an important factor in helping the skin maintain a proper level of moisture. Cleansing helps to purify the skin, bringing it back to its natural state which enables sufficient water and product retention for proper skin hydration. For this reason, Japanese skincare usually does not have “toner” as a step. J-Beauty cleansing routines prioritize thorough cleansing that preps the skin to receive moisture and eliminates the need for toner, which is typically considered as the last step of cleansing in the West. If dry skin is an issue, using a moisturizing cleanser (like this one from Seiso JBeauty) will help to cleanse your skin while providing moisture as a foundation for a moisturizing lotion as your final step.

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Without a clean canvas, many of the products we use to rebuild and nourish our skin would be rendered ineffective. In Japanese skincare, thorough cleansing is a gentle process that pampers your skin and prepares it to be more receptive to treatments like exfoliators, masks, serums, and moisturizers. This type of cleansing should never involve harsh scrubbing or rubbing, and should focus on a very gentle massage that maintains the skin’s protective barrier and helps to retain moisture. This perspective of tender nourishment provides an important foundation for holistic wellness that begins at the source and impacts every subsequent step.  

Trusted Facial Cleansing Products

In J-Beauty, cleansing your skin is a sacred self-care moment. It ensures that your skin is pure and fresh every day, and that it stays that way throughout your routine to help you maintain its health. Shikō Beauty Collective offers a wide variety of cleansing products to meet the needs of every skin type or skin concern. To be sure your ritual of self-care is off to the best possible start, view our complete list of effective Japanese cleansing products like Japanese oil facial cleansers and water-based cleansers.  


Happy cleansing!

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