Celebrate AAPI - Together We Glow

Celebrate AAPI - Together We Glow

Embracing our heritage, celebrating diversity. Join us this AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) month as our team shares their favorite secrets to radiant skin with our beloved Japanese skincare essentials.

All the products we carry at Shiko are carefully curated Japanese brands. In celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, we'll introduce our roots and favorite products here!

Shiko Team's Favorite Japanese Beauty

1. Midori

  • Role: Marketing Director
  • Skin type: Combination (partially sensitive)

"My favorite product is NEMOHAMO Booster Oil. Booster oil is the first step to use after washing your face which is really really the Japanese way of treating and hydrating the skin."

NEMOHAMO Booster Oil is a powerhouse anti-aging face oil that features Japan’s richest plant extracts and Panax Ginseng to improve moisture, lines, and skin.

2. Tinku

  • Role: Business Development
  • Skin type: Oily

"My favorite product is Lala Vie Oil In Lotion! Even though my skin is oily, it's helped me to keep hydrating my skin. I use it twice a day in the morning and night time, after washing my face."

Lala Vie Oil In Lotion is an unique emulsion that achieves lasting moisture with a 3-in-1 lotion that provides the ideal balance for firm, radiant, and youthful-looking skin.

3. Tommy

  • Role: Business Development
  • Skin type: Combination - oily & dry

"Dassai Oil In Moisturizing Lotion is my favorite product at Shiko. Sometimes my skin can get dry so it perfectly moisturize very well. I love it!"

This enriching lotion eliminates dullness and dryness, brightens dark spots and moisturizes for a “glass skin effect” and visible glow.

4. Kumi

  • Role: Online Marketing & Contents Management
  • Skin type: Dry/atopic skin

"My favorite product from Shiko is Dassai Facial Mask! I have super dry & atopic skin, so it's my essential treatment, especially after being out in the sun. I think you'll like it too!"

This is our most-loved facial mask, fermented sake lees moisturize and nourish the skin, soothing irritation, evening skin tone, and adding radiance.

5. Kyoko

  • Role: Director of Education
  • Skin type: Normal/dry

"One of my favorite products from Shiko is Spaoxy Gel. It rejuvenates and revitalize my skin by delivering oxygen, essential nutrients and promoting hydration and a radiant glow! I use the mask once or twice in a week to keep my skin healthy. Now you know my secret!"

Dr. MEDION, the pioneer of carbonic acid skin care, created this cutting-edge carbonated treatment mask to plump, tone, and firm all skin types. Originally only available in Japan, it’s now available to you at home. Spaoxy Gel is an effervescent skin-energizing gel that enhances cell metabolism. Leaves skin radiant, clear, and moisturized.

6. Phoebe

  • Role: Social Media

"My favorite product is the Ceramide Moisture Milk. Best lightweight hydration either on its own or under a moisturizer. Number one pick right here!"

This lightweight emulsion features our signature ceramide, which is naturally sourced from Japanese Koji, to immediately replenish the daily loss of ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol.

7. Difenni

  • Role: Creative Partner
  • Skin type: Oily

"Gua Sha is my favorite product from Shiko. Ceramic Gua Sha, which is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. I use this everyday after my routine following the serum and the moisturizer. Use it to massage my face to prevent some lines, work on the under eye circulation. It also helps sculpt your cheekbones and your jawlines."

This Gua Sha lifts facial muscles to promote blood flow and gives a smoother and brighter complexion. Also, the ceramic in this material has thermal conductivity properties that can help to improve skin circulation, reduce puffiness, and enhance the effectiveness of other ingredients used in conjunction with the tool. Additionally, ceramic is durable and can be easily sanitized.

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